The Japan's biggest fruits and vegetables wholesale company
The Japan's biggest fruits and vegetables wholesale company
Tokyo Seika Co., Ltd. was established in 1947.We are the largest licensed wholesaler/distributor of fresh fruits and vegetables in Japan,
It is our mission and responsibility to provide efficient logistical support for the stable supply of fresh produce to consumers in a cost effective manner. When necessary, Tokyo Seika acts as an arbiter in disputes between producer and buyer.

Logistics of the
Fresh Produce

Tokyo Seika coordinates with the inbound and outbound handling of fresh produce with the growers and producer cooperatives (JA) and the intermediate wholesalers (jobbers) and authorized/licensed buyers.

Market Share of Tokyo Metropolitan Central Wholesale Market

Opened in 1989 in Ota Ward,Tokyo,Ota Market is a comprehensive wholesale market.With a floor area of 386,426 square meters,it handles fruits,vegetables,seafood,and flowers.Fruits and vegetables are especially big here,with the wholesale market handling about 3,700 tons per day, the most in Japan. This market scale makes Ota Market a dominant force in Japan’s fruit and vegetable market.

Market Share of
Tokyo Metropolitan Central Wholesale Market

Our Movement
for the future

Tokyo Seika is working towards finding new and innovative solutions to an antiquated and costly distribution system while meeting the ever-changing needs of our clients, whoever they are such as grower cooperatives or wholesalers or jobbers or super market chains. The number of persons in the household is declining and with it consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables. We seek ways to reduce costs to make fresh produce more affordable for the family, and to promote a healthier life style with greater consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables. We have recommended to grower cooperatives that they change their packaging size to smaller units to accommodate smaller families. Food safety is of utmost importance to Tokyo Seika. Consumers and supermarket chains are demanding that fresh produce must be documented and tracked along the distribution system. We encourage and support its implementation. It is also a great concern for us that packaging for fresh produce impacts the environment. We encourage and support the use of product in reusable plastic containers. Tokyo Seika endeavors to make life better for the Japanese consumer through innovation with help of either new things or methods. Domestic growers and cooperatives in Japan have asked our assistance to export their fresh produce to foreign markets.

We are afraid we need to decline importing fresh produces from foreign countries.
We do not export Japanese fresh produces. Tokyo Seika sells to the authorized buyers in Japan.

Cooperate Profile

Tokyo Seika Co.,Ltd.
3-2-1 Tokai Ota-ku Tokyo 143-0001 Japan

Ota Market is at a convenient location as it is in close proximity to Haneda International Airport and the Tokyo Ohi Container Terminal as it is within a 10 km radius of those two sites.

15 minutes’ walk from the Ryutu center station.
It takes about 20-30 minutes by Keikyu Bus route No. 43 from Omori Station of the JR Line.

3-2-1 Tokai Ota-ku Tokyo 143-0001 Japan